Paige and Scott speak to youth all over about modesty. They have a fun and unique take on this Christian principle and it's not what you think. Surprisingly it has very little to do with clothing. They are on a mission to turn this subject inside out and help others view this from another angle. It is so much more than what we have been taught. It is rooted in Christ not hemlines. Learn from them as they unfold modesty and help stitch it back together without shame.


  • 50 min interactive webinar course with Paige & Scott
  • Divine Identity
  • What is modesty
  • Without shame
  • Characteristics of Christ
  • Covenant clothing
  • How to discuss this with youth
  • Leadership Training
  • Resources


  • Positive social media tips
  • 2 modesty podcasts
  • Scripture references

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I am Paige Sorensen,

nice to meet you!

I’m a Fashion Stylist and Set Designer, award winning stylist for shows, speaker, and owner of Paige In Your Pocket. My goal is to help my clients and students have confidence in their own style and education! I’ve focused my career on helping humans feel ownership in their current body and communicate, express, and share their story through the powerful tool of style and fashion.

I feel called to work with teens and to help them find their purpose and self-worth. I believe you can love yourself, your body, your style, and chanel it all into your strengths and skills, hopefully in the fashion industry.

I want to change the conversation around fashion. I want to make style and fashion education accessible. I want to break the mold and teach that fashion should serve you not the other way around. I want you to experience confidence and have fun with me one course at a time!

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